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Make it safe

Its really important to make a safety drug development so that the drug that are produced is safe for us. So its good that the drug companies make that effort to make everything as safe as possible. Who would otherwise be willing to take the medicin.

Be thankful for that

Yes we have to be grateful for the things that we have so that we can get better if we get sick. Hopefully we don't get to sick but if we do its important that we have the medicin that we need so that we can get better. 
And thats way so many companies are trying to figure out how to make more medicin so that we can get better.

There are so many lays and regulations for making drugs and we can really understand that so we don't get worse if we take them so there for its good that the companies have that to go on.
I can imagen that it is different depending on where you live, but its good that there is something that are trying to make it better and safer then if was many years ago.
There are they who work with regulatory affairs to see that things are made as they should and are trying to make it safer and safer.
I can imagen that it can be very interesting to work with that and to see that development that you must see when you are working with it. That would be something to try to see if its interesting. I can imagen that it is so that must be good for the ones trying to do it.
There are so many types of works that would be interesting to try and to work with, i would love to try different kinds of job just to see how it is to work with.